Routine Interrupted

Very profound… Feel as though I just watched a movie. Reminds me so much of what goes on in the morning with my sis n nephews 🙂

Murphy's Law

I have our morning routine planned down to the minute.  I head up the stairs at 6:20 a.m. to wake Maddie and Katie and get them dressed.

Unless Katie refuses to get out of bed, turning her body into a limp noodle when I try to pick her up.  Attempting to hide her smirk, she keeps her eyes closed tight against my pleas to wake up, Katiebug!  I catch her peeking up at me and tickle her awake.

Unless Maddie gets a case of the sillies and decides to pretend she is a roly-poly.  She rolls over to her sink to brush her teeth, then rolls over to the sock drawer to choose a pair of pink socks.  Giggling the entire time, she ignores my pleas to hurry up, Maddie.  She sees me stifle my own giggle and roly-polys into the hallway.

I have our morning routine planned down to the second…

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Is Unconditional Love At Rest?

The Problem With This Generation Is That Their Love Is So Conditional.
What Happened To The Kinda Love That Was Never Used To Question About The Sufficiency Of Resources, Money, Material?
The Kinda Love That Wouldn’t Get Us Stressed Out If There Wasn’t Transport From The Party To The House?
That Kinda Love That We Read About And Longed For?
The Kind Of Love That We’d Walk Miles For… Not Complaining About The Weather Condition…😕?
Has Our Lusty Unsatisfied Cruel Selfish And Unhappy Selves Hammered The Last Nail To The Coffin Where True Love Really Lies …dead😳?

Lord Help Us See Beyond Conditions.
Let’s Go Back To The Time When Love Was Explicitly Genuine.
Times When We Loved Each Other Without Developing Any Sense Of Dissatisfaction…

When Last Did You Tell Someone You Loved Them And Felt It From The Depth Of Your Heart… That You Really Love That Person Without Any Condition Attached ?


Cracked Promises?

Butter Promises.
Fragile As Butterfly Wings,
Can’t Be Mended,
Can’t Be Fixed.
I’m Feeling Sick And I Can’t Find The Sweet Comforting Words My Heart Yearns For,
Yet Again I Ask Myself If These Were ‘All’ Butter Promises Or There Are Solid Ones That Will Forever Be Kept.
Maybe I’ve Become An Expert In Dreams, Fantasies, Fairytales, That I Don’t Know What’s Real And What’s Not Anymore…
Maybe All I Want Is To Hear Those Sweet Somethings…
Don’t Leave My Questions Unanswered Because Someone Might Take Advantage And Answer Them For You, Just The Way I Want Them Answered…
But I Don’t Want Anyone To Say The Words That You Should Say…
I Don’t Want The Snake Who Spoke To Eve And Answered Eve About The Goodness Of The Fruit To Talk To Me And Deceive Me,
I Don’t Want You To Be Like Adam,
All Quiet When You Should Be Nourishing Me With Your Words,
Can’t You Just Tell It To Me Yourself…
Do I Have To Say Why I Need To Hear It From You?
Don’t Words Just Come Naturally,
Or Maybe At Some Point Like The Old Biblical Times I Should Expect Some Draught?
Can’t We Both Quench Our Thirst For Each Other With The Word Of God,
Yet Again I Think I’m Just A Fairy,
A Dreamer Like Joseph,
A Female Joseph…
Anticipating A Fairytale Story…
Help Me Figure It Out…

Like Songs Of Solomon Entice Me With Your Love,
And Sweet Words,
So That Our Promises May Be Solid,
Promises That Won’t Break Like Butterfly Wings Which Can’t Be Mended.
Adam I Can Still See The Apple Stuck In Your Throat, Swallow Your Pride (Jackie’s line)

A woman


life of a masterpiece

Broken, bleeding
Belittled by men,
Touched everywhere and being molested,
Being taken advantage of,
Life dragged out of your Prescious & fragile bodies,
Victimized on all social networks and media sources,
Abused yet still walking,
A woman,
Your Virginity is broken,
Maybe even Infected with a lifetime disease
Or having a Broken spirit,
And a broken heart but still standing strong,
That is a woman,
You are not a fool,
And It’s not the end of the world,
As long as you still breathe the oxygen,
Still able to see sunlight in the morning,
It means God is not finished with you,
It will all get better in the end,
Your testimony lies within your strength n patience in God,
Never give up for you are a courageous and strong woman,
You are still hopeful because you haven’t given up in this journey of life,
You are still bleeding…

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You are special

You are special, you are awesome, you are unique, don’t think of
yourself any less, you are worth having that Prescious life. Never
compare yourself with others, you will succeed, you will shine in your
own way. You are wired to prosper. success and greatness are
engraved in your life’s plan, never for a second think that greatness n
being wealthy is for others and not you. Start believing in yourself, walk tall with your head up high, walk with confidence even when it
looks like you don’t have it in you, but still walk boldly like your
father is a king. Maybe you think you need someone to believe in
you to make it, truth is many people r focused on themselves, just
get up from where you are and start believing in yourself. God loves
you with all your flaws, He loves you unconditionally, isn’t that enough? Be your own kind of Great, Unique, rise up this morning and
shine. If you can read this then it’s for you. If you were waiting for a
sign for you to start enjoying your wonderful life, then this is it!

You gotta be twice as good

ou have to be twice as good. If you were giving 100% yesterday,
give it 200% today. Just learn the principle of being better, doing
more, giving more, loving more. And you will go far in life. Good
Morning, it’s a Saturday so dance more #lol but just don’t drink or smoke more you’ll die quicker than u expect to. Drive safely. Party
safely. #Mo_Love!

You are beautiful

You Are Beautiful Beyond Description,
You Are Greater And More Powerful Far Beyond Thoughts,
Never Doubt That.
You Don’t Need Anyone To Tell You The Opposite.
You Are A Star. You Are Handsome. You Look Fine In Those Shoes. That Natural Hair Suits You Perfectly, And If Your Hair Doesn’t Grow Long, Honey You still Look Good Ka(with) Chiskop(bald head) Or With That Weave, Just Don’t Let The Outer Appearance Change Who You Truly Are Deep Inside.
You Are Loved, Never For A Second Cry For Love.
Because God Loved You Way Before You Were Conceived. He Loves You Just The Way You Are.
You Are Like The Morning Rose.
You Glow.
You Are A Black Diamond, A Yellow Queen, A White Rose, You Are Beautiful…And Never For Moment Doubt That.
You Are Beautiful Without Makeup, But If You Think It Enhances Your Beauty, Do It Well, Not To hide Your Natural Beauty With It, Just Enhance And Let Your Beauty Shine. No Need To Show Off Your Boobs, Guys Know How They Look Like Anyway, But If They Make You Feel Good, Hide The Nipples And Make Sure You Look Good And Presentable. If You Feel Hot And Wanna Show Off Your Thighs, Well Do It Respectably By Wearing Some Pantyhose, Be Classy, Men Don’t Go After You Because You Are Hot, Haven’t You Heard That Things That Appear Cheap Attract? Oh Well I Urge You To love Yourself. You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are, Don’t Allow The Media, And Surroundings To Define You. Well I hope I’m Making Sense Here.
My Point Is You Are Beautiful…beyond description!
U Muhle! O Botse. O Montle. You are Beautiful.