Terror That Came By Night.

My mind was affected,
Because it was rejected,
My heart was injected,
With all that I ever wanted.

The more I wanted,
Was the more I was disappointed,
Never gave up,
Although time was not by my side.

Nights passed,
Days rolled over,
Terror invaded,
Confusions followed.

I was told to stay focused,
But I was down casted and confused,
That’s what happens when you’re troubled,
Both left and right seems to be leading you astray.

You get advices but never know which to take,
my heart strongly ached,
I was in need of a break,
I needed Domestos,
To clean away the bacteria of terror that came by night.

But to my surprise I survived the night,
As I was approached by the morning light,
I jumped with joy,
For the terror of my dreams were scavenged by the night,
Lol(laugh out loud) it was just a nightmare that I was having,
Relax I’m fine
I was just selected by the Morning to Brighten your day!

Good Morning shining Stars!

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