His Name Is…

He walked with me,
Day In, Day out,
I saw him as a heaven sent gentleman,
He opened many of the doors of places we visited,
Pulled my chair when we dined together,
He was such a gentleman,
He lead the way most of the time,
He promised me that everything’s going to be fine,
He spoke on my behalf most of the time,
Like a caring man,
In my own consciousness he never spoke anything wise,
He convinced me that He’s the best U could ever have,
And that I would never do without him,
It was all about him,
Life revolved around him,
I got mad some day and cut all ties with him,
He crawled in tears as he couldn’t believe it was over.
I dropped him like a hot potato and never looked back,
Heartless I know, but I had to.

He has knocked on my door again several times since he knows my address, but he wasn’t worth my time anymore!

His name is Fear!

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