Tailor Made Shoes, size 5 and a half!


I’ve worn shoes that were not mine,
Several of them,
Like a child in her mother’s shoes,
I modeled on the run way with oversized shoes.

They looked sooo fine…
Well some of them were too tight
And some of them pressed me very hard like a snake being trapped under a big rock, which made it difficult to walk
Yes I was trapped and couldn’t speak out
Trapped in people’s expectations
Trapped in shoes that would never fit me,
I wasn’t free,
I silently settled for what was presented to me and eventually forgotten about my own size
I was hurting,
Yet I disguised my torture with a modest walk, an elegant dress and my cute smile,
But could only manage to walk a mile
As they pleaded with me…”just go an extra mile Namzie”
“You can do it girl”
I tripped as many stared attentively acting strong and happy as that was my expertise,
More shoes popped by
The heat increased
Even boyfriends bought shoes that were never my style nor my size,
But in the midst of all the runway drama
I still knew my worth
I re-discovered myself and that’s how I got over the obsession of pleasing people,
I did a little self introspection
And got on a selfie_mission
Had the measurements done from head to toes
Finally wore my tailor made shoes.
Ultimately we all come to that particular stage in life where we can’t follow the rules anymore, where we don’t listen to those that push us down, where we take the lead and not follow others, we all come to a point where we feel enough is enough, we all come to a point that we don’t try to fit in anyone’s shoes, we just find purpose within us and never wanna go back. Let’s all find that tailor made job, career, life, love, freedom…
Ultimately we all have a gift that we as individuals have to unleash.
Find your tailor made shoes.

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