You are beautiful

You Are Beautiful Beyond Description,
You Are Greater And More Powerful Far Beyond Thoughts,
Never Doubt That.
You Don’t Need Anyone To Tell You The Opposite.
You Are A Star. You Are Handsome. You Look Fine In Those Shoes. That Natural Hair Suits You Perfectly, And If Your Hair Doesn’t Grow Long, Honey You still Look Good Ka(with) Chiskop(bald head) Or With That Weave, Just Don’t Let The Outer Appearance Change Who You Truly Are Deep Inside.
You Are Loved, Never For A Second Cry For Love.
Because God Loved You Way Before You Were Conceived. He Loves You Just The Way You Are.
You Are Like The Morning Rose.
You Glow.
You Are A Black Diamond, A Yellow Queen, A White Rose, You Are Beautiful…And Never For Moment Doubt That.
You Are Beautiful Without Makeup, But If You Think It Enhances Your Beauty, Do It Well, Not To hide Your Natural Beauty With It, Just Enhance And Let Your Beauty Shine. No Need To Show Off Your Boobs, Guys Know How They Look Like Anyway, But If They Make You Feel Good, Hide The Nipples And Make Sure You Look Good And Presentable. If You Feel Hot And Wanna Show Off Your Thighs, Well Do It Respectably By Wearing Some Pantyhose, Be Classy, Men Don’t Go After You Because You Are Hot, Haven’t You Heard That Things That Appear Cheap Attract? Oh Well I Urge You To love Yourself. You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are, Don’t Allow The Media, And Surroundings To Define You. Well I hope I’m Making Sense Here.
My Point Is You Are Beautiful…beyond description!
U Muhle! O Botse. O Montle. You are Beautiful.


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