Cracked Promises?

Butter Promises.
Fragile As Butterfly Wings,
Can’t Be Mended,
Can’t Be Fixed.
I’m Feeling Sick And I Can’t Find The Sweet Comforting Words My Heart Yearns For,
Yet Again I Ask Myself If These Were ‘All’ Butter Promises Or There Are Solid Ones That Will Forever Be Kept.
Maybe I’ve Become An Expert In Dreams, Fantasies, Fairytales, That I Don’t Know What’s Real And What’s Not Anymore…
Maybe All I Want Is To Hear Those Sweet Somethings…
Don’t Leave My Questions Unanswered Because Someone Might Take Advantage And Answer Them For You, Just The Way I Want Them Answered…
But I Don’t Want Anyone To Say The Words That You Should Say…
I Don’t Want The Snake Who Spoke To Eve And Answered Eve About The Goodness Of The Fruit To Talk To Me And Deceive Me,
I Don’t Want You To Be Like Adam,
All Quiet When You Should Be Nourishing Me With Your Words,
Can’t You Just Tell It To Me Yourself…
Do I Have To Say Why I Need To Hear It From You?
Don’t Words Just Come Naturally,
Or Maybe At Some Point Like The Old Biblical Times I Should Expect Some Draught?
Can’t We Both Quench Our Thirst For Each Other With The Word Of God,
Yet Again I Think I’m Just A Fairy,
A Dreamer Like Joseph,
A Female Joseph…
Anticipating A Fairytale Story…
Help Me Figure It Out…

Like Songs Of Solomon Entice Me With Your Love,
And Sweet Words,
So That Our Promises May Be Solid,
Promises That Won’t Break Like Butterfly Wings Which Can’t Be Mended.
Adam I Can Still See The Apple Stuck In Your Throat, Swallow Your Pride (Jackie’s line)

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