Routine Interrupted

Very profound… Feel as though I just watched a movie. Reminds me so much of what goes on in the morning with my sis n nephews 🙂

Murphy's Law

I have our morning routine planned down to the minute.  I head up the stairs at 6:20 a.m. to wake Maddie and Katie and get them dressed.

Unless Katie refuses to get out of bed, turning her body into a limp noodle when I try to pick her up.  Attempting to hide her smirk, she keeps her eyes closed tight against my pleas to wake up, Katiebug!  I catch her peeking up at me and tickle her awake.

Unless Maddie gets a case of the sillies and decides to pretend she is a roly-poly.  She rolls over to her sink to brush her teeth, then rolls over to the sock drawer to choose a pair of pink socks.  Giggling the entire time, she ignores my pleas to hurry up, Maddie.  She sees me stifle my own giggle and roly-polys into the hallway.

I have our morning routine planned down to the second…

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