Is Unconditional Love At Rest?

The Problem With This Generation Is That Their Love Is So Conditional.
What Happened To The Kinda Love That Was Never Used To Question About The Sufficiency Of Resources, Money, Material?
The Kinda Love That Wouldn’t Get Us Stressed Out If There Wasn’t Transport From The Party To The House?
That Kinda Love That We Read About And Longed For?
The Kind Of Love That We’d Walk Miles For… Not Complaining About The Weather Condition…😕?
Has Our Lusty Unsatisfied Cruel Selfish And Unhappy Selves Hammered The Last Nail To The Coffin Where True Love Really Lies …dead😳?

Lord Help Us See Beyond Conditions.
Let’s Go Back To The Time When Love Was Explicitly Genuine.
Times When We Loved Each Other Without Developing Any Sense Of Dissatisfaction…

When Last Did You Tell Someone You Loved Them And Felt It From The Depth Of Your Heart… That You Really Love That Person Without Any Condition Attached ?


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