In love and loving it

I just received a text, it’s still in the morning, who could that be…?
I wondered as I got up from a sweet dream, ok first of all let me check if I know the number, oh damn it’s him, my noble lover, Mr Him, in my head am asking myself questions like, he sang me a lullaby last night, what time did he actually sleep and when exactly did he wake up? But I assumed he didn’t even get a wink of sleep just to make sure that he doesn’t forget to send me a morning text as well.
I’m loving him deeply, it’s a love of infinite possibilities, many wait upon ‘the one’ and reject those that come by, LOL they simply puff and pass like that job seeking thing, but hey I took him and made him the one, I’ve loved before, or thought I loved before but this kinda love feels real. I’ve received texts that people copied from the internet’s love quotes but his texts are nothing like those, they speak about matters of the heart, they deeply pierce the soul separating the doubts from assurance. Indeed this love is great. I love him, fresh Mr Him! Thank you for brightening my day!!

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