A woman

Broken, bleeding
Belittled by men,
Touched everywhere and being molested,
Being taken advantage of,
Life dragged out of your Prescious & fragile bodies,
Victimized on all social networks and media sources,
Abused yet still walking,
A woman,
Your Virginity is broken,
Maybe even Infected with a lifetime disease
Or having a Broken spirit,
And a broken heart but still standing strong,
That is a woman,
You are not a fool,
And It’s not the end of the world,
As long as you still breathe the oxygen,
Still able to see sunlight in the morning,
It means God is not finished with you,
It will all get better in the end,
Your testimony lies within your strength n patience in God,
Never give up for you are a courageous and strong woman,
You are still hopeful because you haven’t given up in this journey of life,
You are still bleeding yet walking, trying to reach for God’s garment of healing,
Keep moving,
Keep walking,
Keep on reaching out for Your liberty is near.
Woman, thou art loosed.

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