Tuesday, Yes it’s a Choose Day!

So many people are bitter in this world,
no matter how much you try to please them they just never appreciate the good you do,
they never will.

My advice is that you should stop pleasing them but do good unto them despite their annoying attitudes and piercing words towards you.

Someday they will realize your wise and good deeds,
and they will look up to you.
Choose to be different from their practices.

I am tired of people whose words are just swords to my flesh,
piercing deep within my pure soul,
poisoning me with hatred,
Stepping on my toes and leaving their dirt on me like a door mat,
Today is Tuesday,
Choose day I rephrase,
And I choose to be happy,
I choose to forget everything else,
Everything else that saddens me,
Everything else that makes me unhappy,

I choose to let my bucket of love overflow,
I choose to be happy over nothing,
And over everything else that happens around me,

People can be cruel,
They can just wake up wanting to put you down,
Today as I thought of those that agonize me,
I cried a river,
I was gasping for air as I questioned myself in desperation to know why,
Why do we still have people like these?
I asked myself questions I can never answer,
I found myself thrown to the ground,
So many emotions took over as I felt my troubles pushing me to the wall,
I hit it so hard and felt my knees shaking as I slowly hit the ground with them,
I suddenly felt a breeze of relief as I hit the ground with my knees,
Realized that I was just in a perfect position to pray.

I remembered a song that says cast your burdens unto Jesus,
I did exactly that and that’s where my happiness was hidden,
Under God’s wing,
I choose to be happy,
I choose to let my love overflow in all aspects of my being,
I chose to love,
I choose to be happy!
I choose to be happy, Happy,
happy at last

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